Savoring the Top 5 Frozen Treats in San Luis Obispo County....

The lazy days of summer are upon us. Warm, languid days stretching out in front of us, with no agenda, other than to stay cool and have fun. What better way to accomplish both than indulging in a frozen delight! Here are some goodies unique to SLO county, that will keep you cool and tantalize your taste buds!

1. Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream Lab ~

Think Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory, with a sweet tooth. Doc Burnstein's, created in Arroyo Grande, offers amazing custom flavors of ice cream, like Elvis Bananas Foster or Motor Oil, but it is so much more than an ice cream store. Take a lab tour, where you can learn the science behind making ice cream and take part in creating waffle cones and crazy ice cream flavors (and of course, sample some) Of course, you can just sit back, watch the toy train circle around the store, and savoring a cone of Merlot Raspberry Truffle.

2. Batch ~

Is there a better marriage than cookies and ice cream? At Batch, they don't think so! Customize your ice cream sandwich by pairing your favorite freshly baked cookie with the ice cream of your choice ~ chocolate cookies with Irish Cream ice cream or snickerdoodles with lemon meringue pie ice cream? The toughest part is choosing your pair, but once you have, heaven!

3. Negranti Dairy & Artisan Creamery~

With milk from their family owned sheep dairy, Negranti ice cream uses fresh, local, real ingredients to flavor their ice cream. Additionally, sheeps' milk is said to be higher in protein, vitamins and minerals and lower in saturated fat than other types of milk, making this the ideal cool, guiltless snack! Up until now, they have been serving out of their vintage ice cream truck, but they will soon take up residence in the trendy Tin City area of Paso Robles. Spend your afternoon, sampling ice cream, as well as craft beers and wines!

4. Leo Leo Gelato ~

Father and son Gelatiers (it's a word, really!) create small batches of gelato and sorbetto in the Italian tradition, leading to a lower fat, yet velvety, vibrant dessert. Flavors are made with local caramel and honey and fruits fresh from the farmer. You are instantly transported to a piazza in Florence, with a cool breeze and the trickle of a fountain in the distance. Ah, bellissimo!

5. Poolside Popsicles at The Cliffs~

Sometimes it's the food, sometimes it's the company you're in, sometimes it's the view, and sometimes it's a little of everything. Every Saturday afternoon through Labor Day, we offer our guests refreshing popsicles by the pool. If they can pull themselves out of the pool, the sweet treat offers kids a moment of rest, a time to regroup with family, and fortifies them with the energy for another round of Marco Polo!