Top 5 Intriguingly Offbeat Activities in SLO County

1. Corn Hole for All

Corn Hole plays a big part in Central Coast life. One can visit dozens and dozens of wineries and breweries and throw down a game—along with some stellar handcrafted alcohol.  There are even leagues, tournaments and trophies. Simply Google: Corn Hole, San Luis Obispo County, you’ll find amazing venues with lots of Corn Hole and imbibing fun.

2. Lawn Bowling

Now some will say that Lawn Bowling is just a weird game that seniors get obsessed with. Yet a major national newspaper recently reported that Millennials are rediscovering this, let’s say, meditative game.  Fortunately, there is a premier lawn bowling center in our county, located in Cambria. Visitors are welcome!

Cambria Lawn Bowling Club

950 Main Street, Cambria, California


3. Sky to Plate

Book a tandem parachute jump for an extraordinarily exhilarating experience. You can choose to bailout from 8,000, 10,000, or 13,000 feet! You’re attached to an expert instructor that guides you from take-off to landing, ensuring a thoroughly enjoyable “ride.”

Afterwards, (definitely not beforehand), wander over to the SeaVenture Beach Hotel for oceanfront dining—and a stiff drink—while taking in panoramic vistas of the beautiful coast.  


4. Checkmate in Morro Bay

It’s not often that aficionados of this ancient game, dating back to the 6th century India, get to make their moves on a giant chessboard. There are only two outdoor chessboards in the United States, one in New York City and the one in this historic and charming fishing village. A chess game in Morro Bay is a delightful mix of aesthetics, intellect, and Alice in Wonderland.

The Giant Chessboard is available for reservations, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., through the Morro Bay Recreation & Parks. And visitors are always welcomed to join the Morro Bay Chess Club on Saturdays, beginning at 12 noon. 805-772-6278.

5. Sail Away

Learn the basics of sailing, such as sail trimming, safety, and boat handling from Capt. Mark at Central Coast Sailing in Avila Beach. Or if you’d rather simply enjoy an easy going day with your family or friends, this seasoned sea captain takes you on spectacular wildlife viewing experience—including whales when migrating—on his beautiful 44 ft. sailboat called the “Spirit.”

After your day at sea, venture up the road a few moments to relax in a hillside mineral springs hot tub at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort & Spa. Or stay in a one-bedroom spa suite, with a private balcony mineral springs hot tub, book a massage, for a completely rejuvenating adventure.  


Get Away and Give Back, as we approach the Season of Thankfulness and Giving.

Connect deeper, explore and protect nature and heritage and make a difference while you are on vacation.  Throughout San Luis Obispo County opportunities await to contribute while you travel. During this season of giving back, counting our blessings and doing well for not only others, but also our environment that surrounds us, it is a perfect time to escape and give something in return:

1. Apple Farm’s Farm to Fork Package-

Be a “Locavore” and contribute by shopping locally at the Baywood Park Farmer’s Market with Apple Farm Chef, Steve Smeets.  By shopping locally grown produce you are helping the environment. Less fossil fuels are needed for transport of product as well as generation of less greenhouse gas emissions occurring from conventionally produced food.  This two night package invites you to eat healthier and is so much fun! You will have the opportunity to assist Chef Smeets with picking out different produce and local goods for the Apple Farm Restaurant. After your tour of the market, Chef will get to work creating a one-of-a-kind, farm fresh meal using the ingredients you helped him select. In the evening, join him at the Chef's Table in our restaurant for a three course menu including a flight of local wines. More Information:

2. SeaVenture Beach Clean Up-

Our beaches are a prized gift shared by locals, visitors, nature and marine life.  Unfortunately, they are not always treated as such. Trash left on the beach in many forms including plastic pollutes our oceans and threatens our sea life who mistake the foreign objects in their environment as food. For example, a sea turtle who sees a plastic bag can mistake it as a jellyfish, once swallowed, it will prevent them from eating and the turtle will slowly starve itself.  So, come do your part! On the 2nd Saturday of the month at 8:30 mingle over complimentary donuts and coffee, and all attendees are entered into a raffle for a $25 restaurant certificate.  Gloves and bags are available. Next clean up is October 13th.  Come make your imprint.  More Information:

3. Glean with Glean SLO-  

Rescue nature’s bounty to help benefit the community.  In an area of agricultural abundance there are still many people that go hungry.  By gleaning and harvesting we help to fully utilize our resources of water, land and labor to get the full yield of production, all while nourishing our community, building deeper relationships and expanding our appreciation for food and healthy eating.  Participate by signing up for a Harvest Event on the GleanSLO webpage, or if you are a land or ranch owner and you have crops that you can not get harvesting or that are over producing, sign up your location to come get Gleaned! More Information:

4. Enjoy Ocean Walks While Being a Scientist-  


If you love walking along the coast and are also looking for a way to give back to an important cause, the Otter Project is seeking volunteers. Walk the coast of Montana de Oro, Point Buchon and Cambria all while collecting valuable scientific data on this darling creature.  Sea otters have been part of the California ecosystems for millions of years.  However indigenous trapping and the fur trade in the 1800’s considerably lessened the population.  Monitoring the Marine Protected Areas of the Central Coast allows for statistics on their habitat and what can be done to maintain and grown their population all while enjoying our scenic coastline.  More Information:

5. U- Pick Farms-

Apple Picking.jpg

San Luis Obispo County provides the perfect climate for growing a variety of fresh produce.  From apples and peaches to pumpkins and grapes. Besides gathering in the outdoors with your family and enjoying the fresh air there are many other benefits.  While one supports the local economy, there is also a cost saving by doing the labor yourself, making picking your own a value proposition. You also eat healthier and gain knowledge of the source where your food comes from. There are several locations in San Luis Obispo County.  Rutiz Farms in Arroyo Grande provides blackberries and raspberries. The iconic Avila Valley Barn is a great spot for peaches, apples and most famously, pumpkins. See Canyon is well known for its many varieties of apples. And the Indian Valley U Pick Farms in San Miguel allows for a gorgeous country drive and over 1,200 trees offering grapes, figs, pomegranates and more!  More Information:,,,

Top 5 Ways to Experience Harvest in SLO Cal this Fall

Did you know that our region harvests more than wine grapes each fall? From apple orchards and pumpkin patches to olive groves and tomato fields, SLO Cal is full of amazing produce and farm adventures to discover during the autumn months. Here are a few to check out this season:

1. Apples & Honey Festival


Sample the best of the season at this festival held at Mitchell Park in San Luis Obispo on September 16th. There will be local artisans, apple games and crafts, a honeycomb hunt, horn blowing contest and more. Don’t miss the animal showcase from Zoo to You and storytelling by Bonnie Lee Books. More info:  

2. Olive Oil Tasting at Tiber Canyon Ranch

Tiber Canyon Ranch is situated on 50 acres of oak and manzanita woodland nestled in the hills between the Pacific Ocean and the Edna Valley wine growing region of San Luis Obispo. According to local legend, about 10 acres of the ranch were cleared during WWI and planted in apricots. When they came to the ranch, only five of the ancient, gnarled trees were still hanging on. Now, where their companions once stood, they grow ten different varietals of Northern Italian olive trees. The grove is maintained using sustainable farming practices and they welcome visitors for olive oil tasting by appointment daily. They will even take last minute visitors as long as you call ahead. More info:

3. Heirloom Tomato Festival at Windrose Farm

Tucked in the rolling hills of Paso Robles is Windrose Farm. Owners Bill & Barbara Spencer have been organic and were certified with C.C.O.F. from August 1999 to 2009, but are currently transitioning to biodynamic! They are a fixture at local farmers’ markets and the farm is an inspiration for many. Celebrate their amazing heirloom tomato harvest on September 22nd. Come for the traditional heirloom tomato tasting of over 30 varieties, stay for the local chefs and purveyors that will be preparing bites of their favorite recipes using Windrose Farm’s tomatoes and farm fresh produce. The FARMstead ED Pop-up Marketplace and Windrose Farm Stand will be open & selling much of the flavorful fare & products you will be grazing on throughout the afternoon. Tickets are $30 per person. More info:


4. Discover the Distilleries of the Central Coast with SLO Cocktail Month


All September long you can try craft cocktails featuring locally distilled spirits at restaurants across SLO County. Local restaurants include Novo and Sidecar among others in Paso Robles. They will be teaming up with local distillers like Krobar and Re:Find to create unique and delicious cocktails. You can even vote for your favorites. Enjoy the “spirit” harvest of SLO County!  More info:

5. Sip and Savor our Favorite Local Harvest with a Wine Month Hotel Package


We couldn’t talk about harvest in SLO County without mentioning some wine! There is no better time to enjoy a wine getaway than the fall months. During September the Boutique Hotel Collection properties are offering wine-tastic room packages to help you experience our wonderful wine region and well, “wine” down. Visit our websites for more details. Cheers!