Guest Wireless Network Acceptable Use Policy

By logging on to this network, you are agreeing to the below terms. Please read them carefully. 

Using this network to download or share copyrighted music, movies, television shows or games without the permission of the copyright owner may result in legal sanctions, network termination or both.

BitTorrent, Limewire, Gnutella, eDonkey, and other filesharing programs can transmit files on your computer to others in violation of copyright laws, with or without your knowledge. If these programs are on your computer, you will be held responsible for any copyright violations that may result.

Section I
Use of Computers and Networks

Guests who are provided access to the hotel computer facilities and to the property-wide communication network assume responsibility for their appropriate use. The hotel expects Guests to be careful, honest, responsible, and civil in the use of computers and networks. Those who use wide-area networks (such as the Internet) to communicate with individuals or to connect to computers at other institutions are expected to abide by the rules for the remote systems and networks as well as those for the hotel's systems. Be advised that certain computer misconduct is prohibited by federal and state law and is, therefore, subject to criminal and civil penalties. Such misconduct includes knowingly gaining unauthorized access to a computer system or database, falsely obtaining electronic services or data without payment of required charges, intentionally intercepting electronic communications, and obtaining, altering or destroying others' electronic information. Similarly, serious legal penalties may result from the use of the hotel's computers or network to violate copyright laws, as is possible with the use of peer-to-peer filesharing programs. Moreover, a guest may be held responsible for misuse that occurs by allowing a third party access to the guest's own computer, account, or network connection. Guests are expected to abide by these rules and policies and to consult an official of the hotel prior to any activity that would appear to threaten the security or performance of the hotel computers and networks. 

Use of Facilities

Computer and network facilities are provided to Guests primarily for their personal and business use. These facilities have tangible value. Consequently, attempts to circumvent accounting systems or to use the computer accounts of others will be treated as forms of attempted theft. Guests may not attempt to damage or to degrade the performance of the hotel computers and networks and should not disrupt the work of other users. Guests may not attempt to circumvent security systems or to exploit or probe for security holes in any the hotel network or system, nor may Guests attempt any such activity against other systems accessed through the hotel facilities. Execution or compilation of programs designed to breach system security is prohibited unless authorized in advanced. Guests assume personal responsibility for the use of their accounts. Consequently, Guests may not disclose their passwords or otherwise make the hotel's facilities available to unauthorized individuals (including family or friends). Moreover, the possession or collection of others passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs), private digital certificates, or other secure identification information is prohibited. 

Privacy of Information

Information stored on a computer system or sent electronically over a network is the property of the individual who created it. Examination, collection, or dissemination of that information without authorization from the owner is a violation of the owner's rights to control his or her own property. Systems administrators, however, may gain access to users' data or programs when it is necessary to maintain or prevent damage to systems or to ensure compliance with other hotel rules. Computer systems and networks provide mechanisms for the protection of private information from examination. These mechanisms are necessarily imperfect and any attempt to circumvent them or to gain unauthorized access to private information (including both stored computer files and messages transmitted over a network) will be treated as a violation of privacy and will be cause for civil or legal action. In general, information that the owner would reasonably regard as private must be treated as private by other users. Examples include the contents of electronic mail boxes, the private file storage areas of individual users, and information stored in other areas that are not public. That measures have not been taken to protect such information does not make it permissible for others to inspect it.
On shared and networked computer systems certain information about users and their activities is visible to others. Users are cautioned that certain accounting and directory information (for example, user names and email addresses), certain records of file names and executed commands, and information stored in public areas, are not private. Nonetheless, such unsecured information about other users must not be manipulated in ways that they might reasonably find intrusive; for example, eavesdropping by computer and systematic monitoring of the behavior of others are likely to be considered invasions of privacy that would be cause for disciplinary action. The compilation or redistribution of information from the hotel directories (printed or electronic) is forbidden.

Electronic Communication

The hotel neither sanctions nor censors individual expression of opinion on its systems. Similarly, messages must not misrepresent the identity of the sender and should not be sent as chain letters or broadcast indiscriminately to large numbers of individuals. This prohibition includes unauthorized mass electronic mailings. For example, email on a given topic that is sent to large numbers of recipients should in general be directed only to those who have indicated a willingness to receive such email.

Intellectual Property and Copyrighted Materials

Attempts to duplicate, use, or distribute software or other data without authorization by the owner is prohibited. All hotel users must respect the copyrights in works that are accessible through computers connected to the hotel network. Federal copyright law prohibits the reproduction, distribution, public display or public performance of copyrighted materials without permission of the copyright owner, unless fair use or another exemption under copyright law applies. In appropriate circumstances, The hotel will terminate the network access of users who are found to have repeatedly infringed the copyrights of others. 

Section II

Unauthorized use of the hotel network, computer systems, or facilities is prohibited.

Security and Privacy

Users understand that timesharing and network-based system activity is automatically logged on a continuous basis. These logs do not include private user text, mail contents, or personal data, but do include a record of user processes that may be examined by authorized system administrators.

Use of Facilities

Individuals should not attempt to exploit, test, or probe for suspected security holes on the hotel computers or networks. Likewise, users should not disseminate to others any information that serves to circumvent or degrade system or network security or integrity.

Physical theft, rearrangement, or damage to any hotel computer or network equipment, facilities, or property is strictly prohibited, and will be reported to the police. This includes all public computer labs, network hubs, wiring, and links.

Use of the Network

Users with personal computers on the hotel network are expected to take reasonable precautions to ensure the security of their systems. Individuals may be held responsible for misuse by others that occurs on their systems.

We reserve the right to scan the hotel network and systems connected to it to assist in identifying and protecting against exploitable security vulnerabilities (e.g., viruses) and to preserve network integrity and availability of resources (e.g., sufficient bandwidth). Computers may be disconnected from the network until security issues have been resolved. Users may not scan hotel networks or computers that they do not own or officially administer.

Attempts to monitor, analyze, or tamper with network data packets that are not explicitly addressed to your computer are prohibited.

Using a network address other than the one assigned by network equipment is prohibited.

Users may not advertise routing information on the hotel network or act as gateways to external or private networks.

It is prohibited to create secondary physical networks, using devices including bridges, routers, or wireless access points, connected to the hotel network without authorization.

Providing services or running applications that consume excessive bandwidth or impede others' use of the hotel network is prohibited without authorization.

Cases of Misconduct

The hotel reserves the right to terminate access at any time to anyone whose use of its resources violates the law or threatens system or network security, performance, or integrity. This includes the ability to terminate running processes or active connections.

The hotel will, in appropriate circumstances, terminate the network access of users who repeatedly infringe the copyrights of others.


Users recognize that systems and networks are imperfect and waive any responsibility for lost work or time that may arise from their use. The staff of the hotel cannot compensate users for degradation or loss of personal data, software, or hardware as a result of their use of the hotel-owned systems, software, or networks, or as a result of assistance they may seek from the hotel staff.

Scope of Use

This policy applies to, but is not necessary limited to, the physical networks (and all associated periphery businesses) located at:

  • The Cliffs Resort: 2757 Shell Beach Drive, Pismo Beach CA 93449
  • Sea Venture Beach Hotel and Restaurant: 100 Ocean View Avenue, Pismo Beach CA 93449
  • The Beach House: 132 Addie St, Pismo Beach CA 93449
  • Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort: 1215 Avila Beach Drive, San Luis Obispo CA 93405
  • Avila Hot Springs: 250 Avila Beach Drive, San Luis Obispo CA 93401
  • Apple Farm Inn and Restaurant: 2015 Monterey St, San Luis Obispo CA 93401
  • Fremont Theater: 1035 Monterey St, San Luis Obispo CA 93401
  • Fernwood Resort: 47200 CA-1, Big Sur CA 93920

Last Updated Wednesday, March 8th, 2017