Top 5 Places to Pucker Up During the Month of Love in San Luis Obispo County

February is the Month of Love.  Don’t just leave if for Valentine’s Day, celebrate all month long puckering up with your honey in numerous places around San Luis Obispo County.  These locations will take your breath away almost as much as your beloved’s kiss!  Here are some of our favorites:

1.     Seaview Bench at Harmony Headlands- Nestled among a gorgeous stretch of coastline between Cayucos and Cambria, a little bit of a walk opens onto a vista that will put you in awe as much as the loved one next to you!  The invigorating brisk sea air, the soaring gulls, the sweeping panoramic coastline, all set the mood to snuggle up with your sweetheart on a cliffside bench and take in the senses as you enjoy that perfectly sweet….. and just slightly salty kiss!   More Information:

2.     Heart Hill at Niner Winery, Paso Robles-  Venture North to Paso Robles for a little wine tasting, and noshing upon a beautifully prepared lunch by the Niner Winery Restaurant on their expansive back patio.  Take in the view of rolling vineyards, lavender in bloom, and olive orchards as you sip upon a delectable bottle of exquisite wine.  This provides the unobstructed viewing point to the naturally occurring heart shaped grove of blue oaks shortly off in the distance.  Also known as Valentine Hill, this perfectly shaped heart on the hill is a romantic and fun backdrop to share that special caress of endearment! More Information:

3.     SeaVenture Private Balcony Hot Tub for Two - Get your bubbles bubbling and your bubbly chilled!  Throw in some tropical spa scents, and a gorgeous orange sunset encompassing the sky while a full moon is rising. Add to that, the coziest of robes waiting to encapsulate you when you are ready to retreat back to your beautiful fireside featherbed and you have the recipe for serious romance! Most of SeaVenture Beach Hotel’s rooms provide a private balcony hot tub, fit for two, to stargaze and smooch the night away!  More Information:

4.     Top of Bishop’s Peak at Sunset-  The very well known Bishop’s Peak trail leads you to an elevation of about 1,500 to a lookout over the city of San Luis Obispo andout to the West to the view as Highway 1 takes off from the city towards Morro Bay and destinations beyond.  The highest of the Nine Sisters or “Morros” woodlands open onto meadows filled with wildflowers in the spring.  Enjoy a late afternoon hike with your sweetie and find your place perched along the cool rocks to unite your lips as the sun slowly sets.   More information:

Bishop's Peak Sunset.jpg

5.     Hi Mountain Lookout during a Meteor Shower- Get wild and take a trek out to the interior of San Luis Obispo County.  On the road between Lake Lopez and Pozo, at an elevation of about 3,000 feet in the Los Padres Forest, the location is known as one of the best places to view the California Condor.  But as the sun sets, and the most dramatic of astronomical events take place, that is the time to hit the road with your honey.  Trek out beyond the city lights, view shooting stars, the constellations and if you are lucky a splendid meteor shower.  Take your kiss to the outer reaches and beyond.  There could not be a more out of the world place to make your own stars align! More Information: