Savoring the Top 5 Frozen Treats in San Luis Obispo County....

The lazy days of summer are upon us. Warm, languid days stretching out in front of us, with no agenda, other than to stay cool and have fun. What better way to accomplish both than indulging in a frozen delight! Here are some goodies unique to SLO county, that will keep you cool and tantalize your taste buds!

1. Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream Lab ~

Think Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory, with a sweet tooth. Doc Burnstein's, created in Arroyo Grande, offers amazing custom flavors of ice cream, like Elvis Bananas Foster or Motor Oil, but it is so much more than an ice cream store. Take a lab tour, where you can learn the science behind making ice cream and take part in creating waffle cones and crazy ice cream flavors (and of course, sample some) Of course, you can just sit back, watch the toy train circle around the store, and savoring a cone of Merlot Raspberry Truffle.

2. Batch ~

Is there a better marriage than cookies and ice cream? At Batch, they don't think so! Customize your ice cream sandwich by pairing your favorite freshly baked cookie with the ice cream of your choice ~ chocolate cookies with Irish Cream ice cream or snickerdoodles with lemon meringue pie ice cream? The toughest part is choosing your pair, but once you have, heaven!

3. Negranti Dairy & Artisan Creamery~

With milk from their family owned sheep dairy, Negranti ice cream uses fresh, local, real ingredients to flavor their ice cream. Additionally, sheeps' milk is said to be higher in protein, vitamins and minerals and lower in saturated fat than other types of milk, making this the ideal cool, guiltless snack! Up until now, they have been serving out of their vintage ice cream truck, but they will soon take up residence in the trendy Tin City area of Paso Robles. Spend your afternoon, sampling ice cream, as well as craft beers and wines!

4. Leo Leo Gelato ~

Father and son Gelatiers (it's a word, really!) create small batches of gelato and sorbetto in the Italian tradition, leading to a lower fat, yet velvety, vibrant dessert. Flavors are made with local caramel and honey and fruits fresh from the farmer. You are instantly transported to a piazza in Florence, with a cool breeze and the trickle of a fountain in the distance. Ah, bellissimo!

5. Poolside Popsicles at The Cliffs~

Sometimes it's the food, sometimes it's the company you're in, sometimes it's the view, and sometimes it's a little of everything. Every Saturday afternoon through Labor Day, we offer our guests refreshing popsicles by the pool. If they can pull themselves out of the pool, the sweet treat offers kids a moment of rest, a time to regroup with family, and fortifies them with the energy for another round of Marco Polo!

Five Best Places For A Romantic Interlude in SLO CAL

1. Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort & Spa


Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort & Spa offers a variety of such “interludes,” such as the hillside hot tubs, a quiet back patio table at the Resort’s “Garden of Avila” restaurant, a couples massage at its renowned spa, and/or an overnight stay in a one-bedroom king spa suite—with a private balcony hot tub—in the West Meadows nature preserve. 

Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort & Spa. 805.595.7302

2. Moonstone Beach, Cambria

A stroll at Moonstone Beach boardwalk in Cambria.  Take a picnic, include wine or handcrafted beer, and just enjoy the rugged coastline. Or meander among the tide pools or unearth splendid moonstones on the beautiful sandy beaches. It’s usually cool and a bit windy—but definitely cozy.

 3. Edna Valley Wine Tasting

If you’re in a mood for a midday rendezvous, head out to the Edna Valley to Chamisal Vineyards or Wolff Vineyards (shown above). They both offer some out-of-the-way areas to enjoy a glass of wine—or a bottle—and indulge in an amorous afternoon of wine, conversation, and anticipation.   

Chamisal Vineyard, Open Daily, 10am-5pm, Monday-Thursday, 10am-6pm, Friday and Saturday. 866.808.9463. 

Wolff Vineyards, Open Daily 11am-5pm. 805.781.0448.

4. Avila Beach Paddlesports

Now some people wouldn’t imagine an “outdoor” activity as too romantic. But think again. Rent a kayak, stash a flask, bring a camera, and paddle over to an isolated cave or islet, and kick back and watch the harbor seals, sea otters—maybe even whales—and the glistening ocean. No question, it will be a delightful day with untold possibilities.

Avila Beach Paddlesports. Open Daily, except Tuesday, 9am-5pm. 805.704.6902.

 5. Explore New Cities

Now that United flies directly from San Luis Obispo into Denver and Alaska Air flies directly to Seattle, plan a wildly exciting getaway to one of these marvelous cities. Pack an overnight bag with casual and dress-up clothes and alluring accouterments. Explore outstanding restaurants, the nightlife, cultural offerings, and stunning outdoor spaces. Of course, if you live in Seattle or Denver, fly straight into San Luis Obispo for all the adventures in passion that we offer in our amazing county.           

Top 5 Places to take the Kids and Kick your Summer off Right in San Luis Obispo County!

The kids are out of school and are itching for some fun!  There is so much to explore right here in our own backyard of the Central Coast. These locations are sure to please not only the kids in your clan, but the parents alike.  Here are some of our favorites:

1. The Ravine Water Park-

Nestled among a gorgeous view of sprawling vineyard, this North County favorite is sure to please.  From the five story Kamikazee to the relaxing lull of the Calypso wave pool, it will be a full day of fun in the hot Paso Robles sun!  Rent a cabana for a day or pull up a lounge chair next to their sandy beach.  Purchase your typical park snacks of burgers, wraps and hot dogs from the snack beer or sneak away to the Hideaway Bar for your favorite adult beverage!

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2. Vista Lago Adventure Park, Lake Lopez- Adventure awaits you at Lopez Lake. 

A first of its kind, side-by-side adventure and zipline park.  Both an upper and lower course provide over 50 elements of varying difficulty from first timer’s to advanced. Feel the rush of air and excitement on any of their 3 zip lines totaling over 1,800’, including 2 high speed zip lines that end on Vista Lago Point.  The Ledge is the ultimate in adventure excitement offering a 45′ free fall Quick Jump.  A day here is sure to exhaust the kids for a perfect summer night’s sleep!

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3. Deep Sea Fishing, Morro Bay -

Set out to sea, feel the salt on your face and the wind in your hair.  Take a ½ day or ¾ day trip out of Morro Bay to catch local rockfish for your BBQ later that evening.  Getting grubby putting bait on your hook, reeling in that first fish and adding it to your sack is one of those kid’s first time favorites!  Plus the views as you pull out of Morro Bay Harbor of the charming city in its morning light and the Morro Rock up close as you motor by create incredible memories to last the summer and beyond.

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4. Pontoon Boating, Lake Nacimiento-  

This years rains filled up our lakes beautifully, and Lake Nacimiento is not an exception.  A summer favorite,  is to gather some towels, a few drinks, some chicken or fish for the on boat BBQ and head out to the lake.  Rent a pontoon boat from the lake marina, big enough to include extended family or for the kids to bring a friend, even bring Fido!   Explore the “narrows” of the lake, what it is well known for as it lays out in a dragon pattern, even find your own excluded beach to bring up the boat and hop out and explore the shore. If you are super adventurous, end your day at one of the lake campsites and do it all over again the next day!  

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5. Central Coast Aquarium, Avila Beach-

Just steps away from the beach and boardwalk, the Central Coast Aquarium is located on the children's play park in beautiful Avila Beach.  Visitors can explore touch tanks, which are home to dozens of species of marine animals from  commonly known sea stars and rock crabs to the unique purple sea urchin. Additional tanks highlight the diversity of marine habitats and adaptations of sea creatures. A microscope lab, kids coloring activities and a unique Chumash culture display round out the experience.  End your time with a stroll on the boardwalk and an ice cream, some play time on the beach, or even a bonfire and s’mores at one of Avila’s beach bonfire pits.

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