Boutique Hotel Collection is a specialized management company operating unique hotels and resorts exclusively in San Luis Obispo County, which is located halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco on California’s beautiful Central Coast. Each property is an authentic representation of the San Luis Obispo lifestyle, a city that ranked in the top five “Happiest Places on Earth”, in a poll conducted in 2008 by the acclaimed Gallup Organization. Whether that lifestyle is health & wellness, outdoor adventure, beach playground, oceanfront elegance or wine country charm, each Boutique Hotel Collection property captures the beauty and experience unique to it’s locale and is the essence of what San Luis Obispo is famous for…“The SLO Life”.

The assets of Boutique Hotel Collection are all on-of-a-kind and thus, are all independently managed by dedicated professionals on location. The very diverse styles and services offered at each property create an environment that demands individuality and thoughtful management to ensure every guest receives a unique and memorable experience.

We welcome you to Boutique Hotel Collection, the finest hotels in San Luis Obispo County. Enjoy your stay.